World Medical Innovation Forum

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The World Medical Innovation Forum is a global gathering of more than 1,000 senior health care leaders hosted by Partners HealthCare in the heart of Boston. It was established to respond to the intensifying transformation of health care and its impact on innovation. The Forum is rooted in the belief that no matter the magnitude of that change, the center of health care needs to be a shared, fundamental commitment to collaborative innovation – industry and academia working together and its ability to improve patient lives.

The 2016 World Medical Innovation Forum will highlight state-of-the-art and emerging approaches to diagnosing, treating and managing cancer—including early cancer detection and prevention; precision medicine and evolving models of care; immunological therapies; combination therapies to circumvent resistance; methods to find and develop new targets and new drugs as well as new informatics-driven tools and research approaches.

Experts present the most compelling advances in technology, care, research and unmet needs in a key area of care—the 2016 focus is cancer. Confirmed speakers include CEOs and top executives of dozens of global medical companies—such as Joseph Jimenez, CEO, Novartis and Robert Mulroy, CEO, Merrimack Pharmaceuticals—investors, media leaders, and internationally recognized Partners experts—Harvard Medical School faculty—including Daniel Haber, MD, PhD and Monica Bertagnolli, MD. In addition to examining the cutting-edge issues in the field, the Forum will feature the “Disruptive Dozen”—12 emerging technologies with the potential to revolutionize the selected field over the next decade.