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Statin Drugs Cutting the
Risk of Heart Attack

Inhaled Nitrous
Oxide Treatment

Smart Drug
Infusion Pumps

7 Oaks Pharmaceutical Corp.

Seven Oaks Biosystems is an early stage venture developing a minimally invasive device for autologous full-thickness skin transplant for wound healing and reconstructive surgery.


First-in-Class immuno-oncology agent complementary with existing therapies, and autoimmune drug for inclusion body myositis.

Abcuro is pursuing a single Ab discovery campaign to yield two independent antibody therapeutic programs:
1. Anti-target depleter (autoimmunity)
2. Anti-target neutralizer (immuno-oncology)

Adheron Therapeutics

Adheron Therapeutics (formerly Synovex) is a clinical stage company developing novel treatments for fibrotic diseases. The company has reported a favorable profile in a Phase I study performed with the lead product, SDP051.

Annovation Biopharma, Inc.

Annovation Biopharma was founded to create safer and easier-to-administer general anesthetic agents with financing led by Partners Innovation Fund. The company was acquired upon demonstration of clinical proof of concept by The Medicines Company in 2015.

BIND Biosciences

BIND Biosciences (NASDAQ: BIND) is a biopharmaceutical company founded to develop therapeutic targeted nanoparticles to produce best in class drugs. Initial product development efforts are in the areas of oncology, cardiovascular disorders, inflammatory disease and RNAi therapeutics.

BioBehavioral Diagnostics

BioBehavioral Diagnostics (acquired by Pearson) was formed in 2004 to develop instrumentation for objective assessment and management of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), including medication response. The technology utilizes a set of proprietary bio-surrogate measurements to enable the accurate assessment and management of ADHD.

Blend Therapeutics

Blend is developing novel cancer therapeutics designed to overcome efficacy barriers for improved targeting of cancer. Blend’s innovative medicines leverage tumor biology to gain therapeutic advantage in unique ways. With their Pentarin platform, they create miniaturized biologic drug conjugate (mBDC) incorporated in polymeric nanoparticles that are designed to reach and penetrate the solid tumor and then selectively kill the targeted cancer cells. With their novel personalized Platinum, they have designed it to take advantage of the biology of certain solid tumor cancer cells by using the cell’s appetite for albumin to increase uptake, leading to enhanced efficacy response.

CD4 System

Daktari Diagnostics’s CD4 System is a handheld device that enables CD4 cell counting to be done by anyone, anywhere. Combining groundbreaking innovations in microscale technologies with simplicity in design and use, Daktari brings this essential blood test to parts of the world where millions of people now have access to life-saving drugs, yet cannot receive the best treatment due to inadequate diagnostics. Will ramp up to as many as 5 million patients starting in 2015.


CoStim developed novel biologics targeting immune checkpoint inhibitors for oncology indications. CoStim was acquired by Novartis in 2014.

CytrellisBiosystems, Inc.

Cytrellis Biosystems Inc. is a clinical stage medical device company developing a new class of medical devices with an unprecedented ability to reverse age related changes in skin and restore youthful beauty. Their products will address a longstanding need to provide doctors and their patients with a safe, effective and non-surgical means to eliminate unwanted loose skin and wrinkles – conditions that up until now have been most effectively treated with plastic surgery.

Daktari Diagnostics

Daktari Diagnostics is focused exclusively on the most pressing challenges in global health. The company develops simple, accurate, and affordable products that deliver critical diagnostic information to clinicians and patients across the globe.

Denali Therapeutics

Denali Therapeutics is a biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of therapies for patients with neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, ALS and others. Denali was founded by scientists, industry experts and investors who share the vision that recent scientific insights into the genetic causes and biological processes underlying neurodegenerative disease, together with new translational medicine tools, offer an unprecedented opportunity to discover and develop effective medicines. Denali is rigorously pursuing a science-driven approach to translational medicine and clinical development.

E-Poly™ Vitamin E Infused Joints

A team at MGH found that oxidation in hip replacements material wear could be blocked by diffusing the antioxidant vitamin E throughout a polyethylene material.  This material has been implanted in 4M+ patients.

Editas Medicine

Editas Medicine, a genome editing company, is exploring the possibility to modify, in a targeted way, almost any gene in the human body with the ability to directly turn on, turn off or edit disease-causing genes. Editas’ mission is to translate its genome editing technology into a novel class of human therapeutics that enable precise and corrective molecular modification to treat the underlying cause of a broad range of diseases at the genetic level.


Enbrel® (etanercept) is a fully human, soluble, tumor necrosis factor (TNF) receptor fusion protein based in part on intellectual property developed by MGH. Enbrel is manufactured by Amgen.

Exosome Diagnostics

Exosome Diagnostics, is developing body fluid-based cancer diagnostics using its exosome-based technology for disease stratification and patient response monitoring. Exosome Diagnostics’ technology allows for minimally invasive testing of cancer specific genes from standard blood and urine samples.

Fate Therapeutics

Fate Therapeutics (NASDAq: FATE) is interrogating adult stem cell biology and applying induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) technology to develop stem cell modulators, small molecule or biologic compounds that guide cell fate for therapeutic purposes. Fate’s approach has broad therapeutic potential in areas such as regenerative medicine, hematological diseases, metastatic cancer, traumatic injury and degenerative diseases.


GeneInsight is an IT platform developed to streamlines interpretation and management of vast amounts of data clinical genomic data, offering a key step towards the promise of personalized medicine and better patient care.




ImmuneXcite is a product-focused biopharmaceutical company with a novel immuno-oncology technology platform which leverages both the innate and adaptive immune responses to selectively treat a wide range of tumor types.


Inhaled Nitric Oxide Treatment

Nitric Oxide studies at MGH showed that among its many functions was to relax the muscles surrounding blood vessels and reduce blood pressure. The first clinical application was treatment of a rare, potentially fatal disease in infants – persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn (PPHN). 180,000 patients have been treated in the US.

Keros Therapeutics

Keros lead program is focused on inhibition of ALK2, the genetic driver for the orphan disease fibrodysplasia ossificans progressive (FOP), which promotes the transformation of muscle into bone. ALK2 has been validated as a critical node through human genetics and in vivo data.

Life Image, Inc.

lifeIMAGE, Inc. created and supplies the leading platform for instant, electronic and secure medical image exchange created to address problems associated with lack of access to patients’ medical-imaging history. lifeIMAGE is the largest and most utilized network for the exchange of medical images. It has been used by 67,000 members to exchange more than 1.5 billion exams from 90 countries.


Lyndra’s sustained release formulation technology extends oral drug delivery beyond one week. The benefits of this unique technology include improved adherence, improved pharmacokinetic profiles, convenient patient experience (particularly for populations that lack easy access to care), decreased potential for antibiotic resistance, and reduced healthcare costs.

Lysomal Therapeutics

Lysosomal Therapeutics, is developing first-in-class therapies for neurological diseases with high unmet need. LTI is leveraging its world-class knowledge of lysosomal biology and drug development to deliver innovative agents for neurodegenerative disease.

MoMelan Technologies

MoMelan Technologies (acquired by Kinetic Concepts, Inc.) has developed a novel skin grafting technology to treat skin disorders through the expansion of the surface area of skin grafts.

NinePoint Medical, Inc.

NinePoint Medical, Inc. is a medical device company integrating multiple technologies to streamline patient care. NinePoint is initially developing novel products for use during minimally invasive procedures such as endoscopy and laparoscopy to provide enhanced diagnostic capabilities and improve outcomes.

NKT Therapeutics

NKT Therapeutics is a biotechnology company focused on developing therapeutics based on a unique subset of immune cells called natural killer T (”NKT”) cells.


OvaScience (NASDAQ: OVAS) is a global life sciences company dedicated to improving fertility for women around the world. OvaScience is discovering, developing and commercializing new fertility treatments.


Provasculon (acquired by Mesoblast) was formed to develop new therapeutic agents for addressing wound healing, peripheral vascular disease and myocardial infarction damage.


QPID Health is a clinical intelligence platform designed to extract meaningful clinical information at the patient level from any electronic health record (EHR) through a unique and powerful medical concept based NLP (Natural Language Processing) search engine. The technology extracts from the EHR data repository and highlights for caregivers the most relevant clinical information at the point of care for each patient encounter.

Quartet Medicine

Quartet Medicine is a biotechnology company focused on the development of novel treatments for chronic pain and inflammation.


RaNA Therapeutics is pioneering the discovery of a new class of RNA-targeted medicines that selectively activate protein expression within the body’s own cells. By targeting specific genes, RaNA’s novel drugs work epigenetically to precisely upregulate the expression of beneficial proteins in order to treat or prevent disease.

Raze Therapeutics

Raze Therapeutics, is developing the next generation of oncology therapeutics that target metabolic pathways essential to cancer growth and survival. Using their proprietary platform, they are developing a pipeline of selective therapeutics for specific solid and hematologic cancers.


Sebacia is developing a safe and durable treatment for acne that utilizes a laser-activated topical agent.

Selecta Biosciences, Inc.

Selecta Biosciences, Inc.is developing first-in-class integrated synthetic nanoparticle vaccines using its proprietary targeted Synthetic Vaccine Particle (tSVP™) technology. Selecta’s synthetic nanoparticle vaccines enable expanded opportunities for both the treatment and prevention of a wide range of human diseases including infectious, CNS, metabolic and inflammatory diseases.

Smart Drug Infusion Pumps

MGH transformed patient care with the introduction of a “smart” drug infusion pump—an invention that was conceptualized and deployed hospital-wide. The invention was motivated by an awareness of tragic events involving complex drug dosing calculation errors and misprogrammed drug infusion pumps.  The MGH, along with industrial collaborators, designed what is known as the “smart” infusion pump, an electronic device that contains an updated, hospital specific electronic library of hundreds of intravenous drugs and infusion protocols embedded in the pump’s software.  The FDA has mandated the use of smart pumps.  Royalties in excess of $30M

Spero Therapeutics

Spero Therapeutics is a product-focused biopharmaceutical company developing a pipeline of novel treatments for bacterial infections. The company’s pipeline of anti-infective agents is one of the most unique in the industry – focused exclusively on gram-negative bacterial infections.

Symbiotix Biotherapies, Inc.

Symbiotix Biotherapies, Inc. is developing a novel class of molecular therapeutics based on molecules derived from the human microbiome. The company’s lead program represents the first molecule to emerge from the human microbiome, and is a first-in-class oral agent for the treatment of serious immune-mediated diseases.


Syntimmune is developing novel therapies for inflammatory diseases and life-threatening toxicities.

T2 Biosystems

T2 Biosystems T2 Biosystems (NASDAQ: TTOO) is a biotechnology company developing next-generation medical diagnostic products using its proprietary technology, combining nanotechnology and miniaturized magnetic resonance (MR) technology to provide rapid, accurate and portable diagnostics.

TargAnox, Inc.

TargAnox, is an early-stage discovery company developing novel therapeutics for the treatment of diseases and conditions that result from oxidative stress-induced modification of proteins.

Tilos Therapeutics

Tilos is developing new immuno-oncology therapies for cancer, fibrosis and autoimmunity based on interference with regulatory T cells and TGF release. This novel drug platform builds on the discovery that antibodies that block the release of TGF prevent immune suppression, thereby enabling the body to counteract malignant cells.

Transplantation Biology

BWH surgeon Joseph Murray, MD performed the first successful transplant between identical twins in 1954, and many other solid organ transplant milestones such as the first fraternal twin transplant in 1959, and the first transplant between unrelated persons in 1962. He developed new approaches for facial reconstruction surgery and made key discoveries about immunosuppressive drugs that have aided transplant recipients in countering organ rejection. In 1990 he received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his contributions to the field of human organ transplantation. To date, more than 600,000 persons worldwide have received the gift of life through transplantation.



Verinata Health, Inc.

Verinata Health, Inc. (acquired by Illumina, Inc.) developed non-invasive tests for the early identification of fetal chromosomal abnormalities.

VisionScope Technologies, LLC

VisionScope Technologies, LLC manufactures a family of patented sub-2-mm diameter needle endoscopes with disposable optics and sterile barrier sheaths for diagnostic and minimally invasive surgical (MIS) applications. The product enables arthroscopy surgeons to visualize, diagnose and plan surgical procedures within several minutes in one single office appointment, thereby substantially reducing the number of physician appointments and the usage of MRI’s typically required for one complete arthroscopy surgery cycle.

XTuit Pharmaceuticals

XTuit Pharmaceuticals is pursuing novel approaches to improving cancer therapy by targeting the tumor microenvironment.


ZELTIQ™(NASDAQ: ZLTQ) is medical device company dedicated to the development of non-invasive procedures for the reduction of unwanted fat. The device is cleared by the FDA in the United States for various applications related to skin cooling during dermatologic treatments, with a pending application for non-invasive body fat reduction. Based on a method to kill only fat cells, the company uses a novel method named Cryolipolysis™ (the use of precisely controlled cooling to remove fat).