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Pfizer CTI Program

Pfizer Centers for Therapeutic Innovation: 2020 Call-for-Proposals

We are pleased to alert you to the call for proposals for Pfizer’s Centers for Therapeutic Innovation (CTI) program for the collaborative development of novel biotherapeutics.

CTI supports translational programs in oncology, autoimmunity & inflammation, metabolic and rare diseases.

Key elements are summarized below and the final submission deadline to Innovation is September 21, 2020Please note that in past years, CTI has put out calls for proposals in both spring and fall, but this year they have modified their plan and will have only 1 CFP which will be open for 4 months.  Investigators are encouraged to submit whenever they have a proposal ready. Pre-proposals submitted within the timeframe outlined below will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

  • Deadline to submit pre-proposal to Innovation:  Monday, September 21, 2020
  • How to apply:  Please use the CTI Template to complete a non-confidential pre-proposal (max 3 pages). Innovation will review to ensure that no proprietary information is included prior to submitting to CTI.  CTI will select pre-proposals to advance to full proposal stage to be developed with CTI personnel. Funding decisions on full proposals will be made by the CTI-Mass General Brigham Joint Steering Committee.
  • Where to  (We ask that PIs submit only to Innovation at this email and not to CTI directly.)
  • Who should apply? Researchers & clinicians who are working on opportunities related to:  (details in attached flyer)
      • Opportunities related to DNA Damage Response and Replicative Stress
      • Opportunties to address the cause or treatment of Novel strategies targeting the cause or treatment of Repeat Expansion Diseases
      • Opportunities to target Cellular Senescence, including senolytic and senomomorphic approaches
      • Opportunities related to Tissue-Immune System Crosstalk in disease pathology
  • Program features:
    • Pfizer offers substantial resources:
      • Funding for project-specific research
      • Access to scientific/technical expertise and infrastructure at Pfizer
      • Hands-on collaboration from Pfizer drug development experts
      • Potential for in-licensing including milestone and royalty payments
      • Publication Rights
    • Aimed at achieving clinical proof-of-mechanism through a stage-gated projects over several years
  • Pre-submission discussion:
    • We encourage PIs to discuss their ideas with Pfizer ahead of submission - please contact Hui Wang at to set up a conversation.

If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact Hui Wang at

CTI Pre-Proposal Template

Pfizer CTI 2020 Call-for-Proposals

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