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Candidate Eligibility*

Outbound Fellow Candidates must meet the following minimum qualifications to apply:

  • Must be an "active" employee in the Partners HealthCare system
  • MD, PhD, or a joint degree
  • MDs must have completed their residency, but cannot participate as an Innovation Fellow concurrent with the clinical or research portion of a GME fellowship program (regardless of whether the fellowship is ACGME-accredited). [GME fellowships, as approved by the Partners Education Committee, are those listed on the website -]
  • PhDs must have more than two years of post-doc training
  • Faculty are eligible
  • Available for 50-100% effort**
  • Duration between 6-24 months as required per project**


Inbound Fellow Candidates are selected by Industry employer to apply.  Qualifications include:

  • MD, PhD, or other active employee at Industry
  • Available for 50-100% effort at Hospital site**
  • Duration between 6-24 months as required per project**


* See Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding eligibility.

** Can make exceptions in limited cases.

How to Apply: Internal Applicant Process for Outbound Fellows

Innovation is currently accepting applications for Fellows from PHS hospitals for placement at industry.  Submitting an application is important for 2 reasons:

  • Candidates will be added to a database of interested Fellow applicants and will be the first to receive emails listing new Outbound Fellow Project opportunities at Industry host sites.
  • Fellows Program Manager can review database regularly and inform potential Industry Hosts of interested and qualified candidates.

The relevant application can be found here:  Innovation Fellows Application

Please submit the completed application and recent CV in PDF format to:

PDF file name should follow the below format:

  • Application Form: Last name underscore institution underscore department (Last Name_XXX_XXXXXX)
  • CV: Last name underscore CV (Last Name_CV)
  • Institution set as BWH, MGH, or McL

Applications will be treated as confidential documents.

Step 1

Step 2

  • Click on the button for “Open Outbound Fellow Project Opportunities”. If you have an interest in 1 or more of the opportunities listed, and you meet any stated minimum requirements, please send an email to clearly stating your name, title of the opportunity of interest, and a brief explanation of your interest
  • If there are no open opportunities of interest upon first look, please check back regularly and send an email when an opportunity arises that is of interest

Step 3

  • Fellows Program Manager will follow up with applicants to confirm receipt of application, and if applicable, receipt of email expressing interest in an open Fellow Project opportunity
  • Program Selection Committee reviews candidate applications for open opportunities

Step 5

  • Selected candidates’ application and CV provided to Industry Host for review
  • Industry Host may conduct in-person meetings, phone screens, or other means to ensure candidate fit
  • Selected candidate/Fellow will start at designed Host opportunity at a mutually agreed upon time
  • A PHS Mentor will be assigned to each Fellow

Step 4

Step 6

  • Fellow, Mentor, and Fellow Program Manager will participate in an "off-boarding" process with Partners Innovation staff prior to starting Fellow's Project at Industry