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Partners HealthCare Innovation

Partners HealthCare Innovation is primarily located in Kendall Square  – the global center of life science discovery and application. This Cambridge, MA location allows us to take direct advantage of the record density of pharma/biopharma leaders, investors, entrepreneurs and scientists located in a corner of Cambridge’s 7 square miles. We are located in the historic Athenaeum building with dozens of early stage companies (including PHS spin-offs), investors and entrepreneurs – directly adjacent to new BMS, Bluebird, Biogen, Genzyme and IBM facilities, among others – and a walk or short ride to MGH and BWH.

Kendall Square
215 First Street, Suite 500
Cambridge, MA 02142
Assembly Row
399 Revolution Drive, Suite 955
Somerville, MA 02145


Our operations team is located at the new, state of the art, Partners HealthCare facility in Somerville. The first ever co-location with the broad array of Partners staff, more than 4000, will accelerate interaction with key PHS functions including finance, treasury, human resources and information management. Included in the July move from our team are our transaction group (responsible for more than 2000 material transfer agreements per year among several other essential research collaboration tools); Finance team, responsible for more than $100 million per year of inbound cash stewardship and outbound distribution; our discovery management team, with responsibility for more than 500 new inventions per year and greater than $10 million annually in IP prosecution.

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