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Partners Innovation Fund & Company Creation

Partners Innovation Fund

The Partners Innovation Fund was created in 2008 to advance new science and technology based on Partners' intellectual and financial capital. From the initial commitment of $35M from BWH and MGH, the fund has grown to $171 million through internal and external investment.

PIF invests exclusively in healthcare companies based on intellectual property created within our own research community.  We seek strong co-investor syndicates to build companies focused on drugs, devices, diagnostics and digital health.

Two new investment funds address critical needs for translational funding in pre-clinical life sciences, AI and digital technology development:

  • Translational Innovation Fund (TIF)
  • Artificial Intelligence and Digital Translation Fund (AIDIF)

The Translational Innovation Fund (TIF) provides resources to advance promising therapeutics through pre-clinical translation, focusing on discoveries from the Partners' hospitals.

TIF shares in PIF's overall mission to serve unmet medical needs by bringing to market new drugs and medical technologies based on scientific breakthroughs originating at Partners. With funding of $50M over six years, TIF addresses assets not yet ready for venture, and will conduct the development work to accelerate the technology's transition to VC-ready status.

Partners’ Artificial Intelligence and Digital Translation Fund (AIDIF) invests in Digital Solutions, creating opportunities within a 'real-time lab' approach.

Digital solutions from more than 4,000 new company entrants into the marketplace require active testing, adaptation, and roll-out across actual clinical environments before widespread use. Such specialized co-development relies on health systems such as Partners HealthCare.  With initial funding of $30M over five years, AIDIF helps perfect these products and define how to integrate applications into clinical workflows and create reference models for other health systems.

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Our mission at Partners Innovation Fund (“PIF”) is to create ventures that develop new drugs and technologies based on inventions originating from Partners. Click here to learn more: Partners Innovation Fund

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