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News: Spring 2018

In a world where science, technology, and innovation run parallel to the entrepreneurial spirit, a bridge is often needed to connect expertise, knowledge and wisdom to the lifesaving inventions that patients need most. That’s why we launched the BRIDGES blog.

Launched in December 2017, BRIDGES is a collaborative resource where Innovation staff, technology experts, investors, entrepreneurs, deal-makers and researchers gather to provide the education, tools and real-world examples needed to span the chasm from invention to commercialization.

Over 3,000 people have visited BRIDGES, viewed posts and shared exciting new information with colleagues and social media networks. If you haven’t been to BRIDGES, click on any of the following posts to check out all that’s available to you.

AI at the Bedside

As medicine has grown in complexity, the amount of data a single patient can generate — even during a brief hospital stay — has skyrocketed. This big data challenge is reflected in the array of clinical measurements that clinicians can gather at… READ MORE

By Brandon Westover, MD, PhD | 15 May 2018

FIRST LOOK: Mobile Apps: Bridging the Mental Health Treatment Gap

Barriers to accessing evidence-based mental health treatment include a lack of available providers, high costs, and stigma. Technology-delivered interventions, such as Smartphone apps, present a promising avenue for reducing barriers… READ MORE

By Sabine Wilhelm, PhD | 15 May 2018

FIRST LOOK: A Machine Learning Algorithm to Reduce Costs and Increase Quality

Diagnostic tests are the lynchpin of medical care. From a health point of view, bad testing can lead to missed or incorrect diagnoses. From a cost point of view, bad testing is a major source of unneeded expenditures… READ MORE

By Ziad Obermeyer, MD | 15 May 2018

Nanotechnologies for Cardiac Diagnosis and Treatment

Weighing in at a little less than three-quarters of a pound, the heart has the formidable task of pumping oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood through the 60,000-mile highway of blood vessels to all the tissues of the body… READ MORE

By Natalie Artzi, PhD | 30 Apr 2018

Breaking the Code: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Potential of RNA

Ribonucleic acid, or RNA, is one of the three major biological macromolecules that are, along with DNA and proteins, essential for all known forms of life. Recently, types of RNA called microRNAs (miRNA) and long-non… READ MORE

By Saumya Das, MD, PhD | 13 Mar 2018

Each week, BRIDGES features blog topics that include proven best practices, helpful tips and tricks, keen expert advice, insightful analysis of industry news and trends, and personal success stories from peers and partners. Real information that can be leveraged for:

  • Company creation
  • Industry collaborations
  • Innovation management
  • International consulting
  • Licensing
  • Research translations strategy and funding
  • Technology marketing
  • Venture investing
  • Workforce capacity building for commercial collaborations

Our team of bloggers bring deep expertise to the entire spectrum of technology development and commercial application. This team will be your guides and their blogs will be the information you need, a bridge if you’ll allow the metaphor, to help you:

  • Position ideas and market them to industry
  • Manage intellectual property
  • Negotiate research and material transfer agreements
  • Develop agreements for commercialization of intellectual property
  • Connect and network for start-up opportunities

BRIDGES is a resource that we hope you will find enjoyable to read, informative, and useful as you advance your research or business plans.

Visit often. Feel free to comment on a post, start a conversation, or share with your social network. Bookmark the page, or better yet, subscribe to BRIDGES and learn how you, too, can bridge the gap and help improve the lives and outcomes of patients.