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Our Team

Nina Dinjaski, PhD

Nina is responsible for the evaluation, strategy, and commercialization of research, discoveries, and IP arising from the Pulmonary, OBGYN, Reproductive Endocrine, Anesthesia, Sleep Medicine, Urology, Emergency Medicine, and Pediatrics departments for Brigham & Women’s Hospital and Radiation Oncology, OB/GYN, Reproductive Endocrinology and Urology departments at Mass General Hospital. Nina joined Partners Innovation Office in September 2019 as a Licensing Manager II. Before joining Partners, she worked at Tufts University, Office for Technology Transfer and Industry Collaboration (OTTIC) where she managed engineering school portfolios. Prior to Tufts OTTIC, Nina held a joint postdoctoral scholar appointment at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at MIT and the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Tufts. She also completed a technology transfer internship at the Tufts OTTIC. Nina has a PhD in molecular microbiology from Complutense University in Spain. Her research focused on genetic and metabolic engineering strategies to functionalize biomaterials for medical applications.

Nina's Portfolio
Therapeutic Area Entity Role
Anesthesia BWH Licensing
Emergency Medicine BWH Licensing
Obstetrics/ Gynecology BWH & MGH Licensing
Pediatrics BWH Licensing
Pulmonary BWH Licensing
Radiation Oncology MGH Licensing
Reproductive Endocrinology MGH Licensing
Sleep BWH Licensing
Urology BWH & MGH Licensing