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Innovation viewpoint

Rick Blumberg, MD | “Innovators in Offices Getting Coffee” Series

Rick Blumberg, MD

4:19 – Importance of Collaboration
10:23 – Invention Disclosures
16:06 – Patent Process
21:35 – Company Creation and Creating Value
24:44 – License or Start Company?
27:25 – Advice on Company Creation
34:53 – Investors and Shareholders
42:01 – Pharma BD

Hear first-hand from some of PHS’ leading inventors as they discuss how they’ve succeeded in bridging between scientific discovery and commercialization. Whether you’re looking to file an IP disclosure, complete a patent application or partner with industry, you’ll hear from experts who’ve been navigating similar quests throughout their careers. Both inspirational and instructive, we hope this series of short videos becomes a repository of step by step guidance for your own innovation journey.

So, grab a cup of coffee or beverage of choice and take a look at our first series of “Innovators in Offices Getting Coffee.”