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December 2014

Annovation BioPharma

December 1, 2014

Partners HealthCare spinoff, Annovation BioPharma's next-generation intravenous anesthetic, ABP700, garnered promising clinical results and is expected to be acquired by The Medicines Company in early 2015. The Massachusetts General Hospital has been celebrated worldwide for nearly 200 years of anesthetic innovation – the iconic image of the Ether Dome surgery is hallowed throughout the medical…

CNS Breakthroughs

December 1, 2014

A look into some of the groundbreaking neurological breakthroughs from Partners' hospitals that will be featured at the World Medical Innovation Forum. The World Medical Innovation Forum will highlight neurological breakthroughs from around the globe. Some of the most important ones are right here at the Partners' hospitals. Surgical Fusion At Brigham and Women's Hospital,…

Fierce 15: Two Partners Spinoffs Awarded Honors

December 1, 2014

Earlier this fall, Partners HealthCare spinoffs Editas Medicine and Spero received global recognition. Earlier this fall, Partners HealthCare spinoffs Editas Medicine and Spero received global recognition when they were named to the prestigious Fierce Biotech's Fierce 15, an annual compilation of leading biotech upstarts. Researchers around the globe are pursuing various strategies for correcting defective…

Novel Treatments for Kidney Diseases and Ovarian Cancer Therapy

December 1, 2014

A look into two of Innovation's Discovery Grant Profiles. Novel Treatments for Kidney Diseases Joseph Bonventre, MD, PhD BWH, RENAL Acute Kidney Injury is characterized by a rapid decline in kidney function and can be triggered by a number of insults. While AKI may resolve on its own or with care, the sequelae can include…

The Austen Family: Lifetimes of Innovation and Healing

December 1, 2014

Highlighting the Austens, a family whose innovations have revolutionized medical care and clinical research since the 1950s. For a fortunate few, vision isn't just one of the five senses. It's the predominant sense; it's a way of life. Vision is imagining a solution, already attained: What does it look like? How does it work? Where…