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Fall 2015

A Timely Tool: Innovation Discovery Grants

September 1, 2015

A look at two Innovation Discovery Grants programs and a snapshot of how IDG bridges the translational gap. In the race to develop a handheld magnetic resonance device that can measure lung tissue density at the patient bedside, $50,000 might seem like a drop in the bucket. But a $50,000 award from Partners HealthCare’s Innovation…

Collaborating to Manage Populations

September 1, 2015

Partners HealthCare and HealthCatalyst create a novel strategic alliance to enhance Population Health Management. If payment weren't an issue, how would top clinicians organize health care to best serve the needs of their patients? This question is at the center of a $30 million strategic alliance between Partners HealthCare and data analytics firm Health Catalyst,…

Love of Teaching Yields Potent New Drug Candidate, Major Acquisition

September 1, 2015

Partners HealthCare spin-off, Adheron, is acquired by Roche for $580 million. When pharmaceutical giant Roche announced plans to acquire Partners spinoff Adheron Therapeutics in September, immunologist Michael Brenner, MD, couldn't help but recall the unlikely events that inspired the spinoff. The original spark that ignited Adheron's promising therapy for inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, and fibrosis…

Stephen Elledge, PhD Wins Lasker Award

September 1, 2015

A profile of BWH's Lasker Award winning Stephen Elledge, PhD and a look at his work on eukaryotic DNA damage response, as well as a new focus on the mechanisms of cell cycle control. In some ways, the eukaryotic cell is akin to a miniature city: Mitochondrial energy plants power the cell; lysosomes act as…