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Summer 2015

GeneInsight – Timely, Actionable, Impactful

June 1, 2015

Partners HealthCare Spin-off, GeneInsight, makes personalized medicine a reality for patients throughout the United States. Dazzling discoveries in genomics and genetics are ushering in new possibilities for precision medicine. But simmering beneath the surface of this excitement is a layer of uncertainty: As researchers expand the list of disease-associated genes, laboratories are debating the best…

Innovation Discovery Grant Update

June 1, 2015

Fighting the Consequences of Obesity Treatment of Liver Disease with a Peptide Fragment Joel Habener, MD MGH, Endocrine Nearly 35% of Americans are obese according to the Center for Disease Control. There are a growing number of therapeutic responses to the potentially devastating consequences of the disease. Among the greatest areas of need is obesity-related…

Partners Innovation Fund

June 1, 2015

Creating, financing and growing companies. A patient’s clinical problem profile, assembled in seconds from voluminous electronic medical records. A laser-activated lotion that ameliorates severe acne without the need for a systemic drug. An antibody that could one day prevent joint destruction in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. These are a few of the many innovative ideas…

Windows Into The Brain

June 1, 2015

New imaging technologies create new neuroscience diagnostic and therapeutic tools. Ultra-high resolution imaging tools like 7-Tesla MRI now allow researchers to glimpse the brain in extraordinary detail, opening the door to new diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders. Two imaging advances in particular – focused ultrasound and neuroimaging diagnostics in neurodegenerative and psychiatric illnesses –…

World Medical Innovation Forum

June 1, 2015

April’s World Medical Innovation Forum brought nearly 1000 top leaders together and will reconvene every spring focusing on one key clinical area. “We need a clear, cohesive vision of how to link the fruits of innovation with the patients who should no longer have to suffer through painful lives or fear a premature death. We…